Puzzle Sheet 1

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So that the Essex teams can play at their best throughout the EPSCA Championships, the EJCA is offering three £10 book tokens for the best set of solutions to a series of puzzle sheets. There will be one new puzzle sheet each week. In May, during the week after the under 9 finals, the solutions wioll be published and the prize winners announced.

Look at the positions below and decide what your next move would be. Type your answer in the box provided. When you have finished, hit the "Send" button at the bottom of the page. This will e-mail your answers to me.

Your answers for Puzzle Sheet 1 must me with me no later than Saturday 18th March 2000.

Good Luck!

1. White to play.

2. Black to play.

3. Black to play.

4. White to play.

5. White to play.

6. White to play.

7. White to play.

8. Black to play.

9. White to play.

10. White to play.