The Essex Championships, held at the Longmeads Community Centre, Writtle, attracted 31 competitors, just one short of the ideal number for a 5-round Swiss. Two former Essex Champions were present: David Kraszewski (Basildon) was the defending Champion and Russell White, who has won the Championship on two previous occasions, was the top seed. Apart from these two who are graded in the 180s, there was nobody graded above 170. It was something of a surprise, therefore, that David found himself held to a draw in round 1 by his own club colleague Roy Hare, in spite of a grading difference of 51 points. The only other surprise was the result of the game between two former Basildon players, David Flynn, who now works for IBM in Hampshire, and Graham Reid, who is a member of the Billericay club.

In round 2 all the top players added a whole point to their scores but in Round 3, Howard Grist (Southend) overcame a grading difference of 24 to damage further the Kraszewski cause in a drawn game. Graham Reid beat Andy King (Grays) but Russell White became the only player to maintain his 100% record when he beat Dave Bird (Maldon).

Howard Grist was again in the firing line when the fourth round pairings were announced. Graham Reid was his opponent and Graham won convincingly with Black. Russell White continued with his winning ways as he beat Robin Slade

White: Les Crane

Black: Geoff Elliston

1 e4 e5

2 Nf3 Nf6

3 Bc4 Nxe4

4 Nc3 Nxc3

5 dc f6

6 Nh4 g6

7 O-O c6

8 f4 d5

9 Bb3 Bc5+

10 Kh1 O-O

11 f5 Kg7

12 Qf3 Bd6

13 c4 e4

14 Qg4 g5

15 cd Kh8

16 dc Nxc6

17 Qh5 gh

18 Bh6 Ne5

19 Bxf8 Qxf8

20 Qxh4 Bd7

21 Bd5 Bc6

22 Bxc6 Nxc6

23 Qxe4 Qh6

24 h3 Rg8

25 Rad1 Bg3

26 Rd3 Ne5

27 Qe3 Qh4

28 Rb3 Nc4

29 Qd3 Ne5

30 Qc3 Bf2

31 Rxb7 Bd4

32 Qc7 Ng4

33 Rb8 Nf2+

34 Rxf2 Qxf2

35 Rxg8+ Kxg8

36 Qd8+ Kg7

37 Qe7+ Kh6

38 Qf8+ Kg5

39 Qg7+ Kf4

40 Qc7+ Ke3

41 Qe7+ Kd2

42 Qb4+ Kc1

43 Resigns