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The Art of Attack in Chess -- Vladimir Vukovic

This work has become one of the definitive volumes on the practice of the middle game. Originally published in 1965, it has been on the "must have" list ever since. Each chapter deals with a different type of attack ("The Attack against the Uncastled King", "Castling and attacking the Castled King" etc), and it will be extremely valuable coaching material for stronger students (BCF 90 and above). Reprints of this book, up to and including 1988, are all in descriptive notation. Highly recommended.

Essential Chess Endings Explained Move by Move -- Jeremy Silman

Best Lessons of a Chess Coach (McKay Chess Library) Sunil Weeramantry, Ed Eusebi

Weeramantry covers just ten games in this book, but in tremendous detail (there are supplementary games given in the notes) and the whole work comes to 320 pages. Three of these games are all-time Greats (Smyslov - Rudakovsky 1946, Paulsen - Morphy 1857, Steinitz - von Bareleben 1895) and the remainder are the author's own. However, all the games are extremely entertaining and the explanations given for each move very enlightening.
Although I have tried to do so, this is not the book to present to a group. It takes far too long to go through the games and do justice to what the author has put together. To be fair, the amount of detail even on a single game is far too great for one coaching session with an individual, but all the advice is very sound and extremely practical. It is my view that this book has a place on the shelf of any aspiring chess player and would be excellent background reading for any teacher wishing to stretch as far as possible the best players in the school.

Attack with Mikhail Tal -- Mikhail Tal and Iakov Damsky

The English translation of this book, dated 1994, appeared just two years after Tal's tragically early death. Tal was, arguably, the greatest of attacking players and one whose books are all redolent with his enthusiasm and love for the game. The format for this book is similar to Vukuvic (above) but the games are more recent and you are guaranteed algebraic notation.

The Mammoth Book of Chess -- Graham Burgess, John Nunn; Paperback